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Social Media Strategy, Advertisements, Influencers, Blog Creation & more!

Showcase what Sets you Apart!

-Have access to the latest popular influencers 

-Content creation planning and Ideas

Branding, Event, Talent Management, Networking & Press Strategy

Get Talked about for All the Right Reasons and Find Your Brand Voice!


-We can plan the best event for your cause.

-Design a PR and Marketing Campaign that will work well with your brand.

-Manage your artistic brand and help your career grow

Media Kits, Press Release, Pitching, Big Media Features, & Media Training

We Help you spread your message to big-time media, podcasts, and TV.

Talent Management

We are management only. All contract negotiations/signing representation must be done through you or an agent. we can only communicate for you! *Entertainment lawyers do not count they must be accompanied by an agent*

Networking: We will network to bring you the best connections to provide opportunities that work for you 


Collaborations: Teamwork makes the dream work! We will set up collaboration outreach to other companies, influencers and artists to elevate your content with the right people.


Personal Assistance: Minor organization of emails, set up drives, and meeting set ups. Must be done within PitchCraft Media Work hours. 


Team Management: We are the communicators of your team and will make things happen for you! We will work together or craft a team for you to get the best workflow experience for your brand.

Artist Development: We provide a detailed plan on how to achieve your career goals. This ranges from training period, social media training, branding, PR gimmicks and enhancing public image.


Agency Readiness and Portfolio Management: Agencies can take a long time for artists to get represented. Let us speed up the process by getting your brand ready to get picked up by an agent that will be there for you! We will go through your portfolio and media kit set up to see if it is collaboration/agency ready. 


Pitching Sponsorships and sales: We will pitch your services to potential clients and get them to sign up for your services. Influencers will be pitched to businesses and marketing agencies for sponsorship acquisitions.


Brand Management: PitchCraft will help and advise you on your brand goals by creating a detail oriented plan on how to achieve your brand’s dream goal. 

Event Set Up: Need to set up a listening or launch party? We will handle all the set up from invites to venue reservations

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