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How to create effective AI prompts to produce an effective project!

By Anthony Lopez-Rizzo,

*A picture of hand holding a holographic lettering that spells AI by*
*A picture of hand holding a holographic lettering that spells AI by*

AI is increasing in popularity in many industries; this means a lot of creatives and non-creatives are going to be writing AI prompts! Unfortunately, not every creative or job role is experienced with prompt writing (which is an art form within itself!). Depending on how well your writing prompt is written will be the determining factor on how well the AI can accomplish the project you have given it. AI, unlike its human counterpart, cannot work with you if you do not have a descriptive idea and you will not get an effective AI product if you provide generic/little to no details. To get the best work out of your AI, your prompt needs to be a minimum of 5 sentences, the more writing you put into your prompt the better. In this blog post we will go over how to write prompts for AI Art, AI Video, and ChatGPT. Some AI programs do have a character limit so it’s important that you do not use filler words in your descriptions. Here are a couple of ways you can create the best AI prompts to get an effective project!


*It is important to note that All AI works differently and interacts with prompts differently. Some AI programs may provide less quality work than others. Do your research when including these programs into client projects. If you are still not getting the content you want from AI, bring your ideas to a human creative that can create the project for you.*

How to write prompts for AI Art:

AI art can be tricky as you have to essentially draw with your words.With AI art your prompts have to include these descriptions:

  • The art style

  • What is in the background

  • What color to use

  • What the main subject of the Art piece is (Include outfit description, skin tone, hair texture, etc)

  • What action is the main subject doing (emotion, facial expression, what hand is holding what,)

  • The art project’s dimensions

  • Lighting, mood, and tone of the piece

  • What theme/genre will the project be based on.

A great exercise to train your brain in prompt writing is to write in full detail of a scene/picture that pops up into your mind. As you continue doing that it will be easier for you to write prompts. Here is an example of an 250 character limit art prompt we created for our IG posts:

A 1080 by1080 pixels medieval fantasy and realistic art style of a dark skinned and curly black hair female elf is in a medieval fantasy cozy cottage warm living room typing on her Laptop that is placed on a wooden table.

How to write prompts for AI Video:

For AI Video, it is best you find a program that has a larger/no character limit as we feel description is king when it comes to making the best videos an AI can provide. Here are some basic necessities to put in your AI Video prompts.

  • How long the video is

  • Video dimension

  • What the video is about

  • What is happening in the video

  • What is being said in the video

  • Is there a person? If so what do they look like and what are they wearing

  • Is there text in the video? What does the text say?

A great exercise to practice for AI video prompt writing is to look at a short video and write down what you see.

How to write prompt for ChatGPT as a writing source:

ChatGPT can be a big help for writers when it comes to typing out a first draft! I would recommend to use this program as a tool that you build upon (Like AI Art or AI Video) and not a final draft. Here is what you need to include in your prompt to get the best writing from Chat GPT.

-Length of project (example: a 1,600 words or 7 minute read)

- Include sources for Chat GPT to cite and quotes

- what the content to include in the project

-What tone the project should be written in (Casual, professional, sales pitch, etc.)

AI can be a great tool that can make the first draft phase of a project easier! However, these programs, similar to humans, do not provide the same quality of service. It is important to do a free test run before you choose a payment plan and purchase a full AI program package. AI is still in the infant stage and makes a lot of mistakes. Most of the time your final stage will need a human person to create publish ready content. If you want to implement AI to lessen the workload you must put in effort into prompt writing to have a better chance at receiving quality work from the program. The biggest take away you should get from this post is “You get what you put in”. Need assistance in increasing your brand visibility or developing your talent? Contact PitchCraft Media for all your media, marketing and talent management needs! Book a time with our PR professionals to get started today!

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